Andy's Tech Services

Services Provided

Compared To The Competition

  • Pay what is charged by industry standard. At we know times are tough right now so we promise we will not charge more than what is necessary to complete the task including cost of labor and materials.

  • We primary serve seniors but work with all ages. As a not for profit company we teach people computer skills so that they can eventually feel confident in using the devices they own and be able to solve problems they face on their own through our unique in person coaching system.

  • Competition will charge hundreds of dollars for service that can be quoted for less by resulting in big savings for clients and potential savings on quotes for bigger customers like non for profits and corporations.

  • Most companies will take advantage of people who don't know technology at their convenience by not taking the time to truly teach people of all ages computer skills so that they have the skills to solve their computer problems on their own. We want the client to know we can be that solution and promise we will never take advantage of their lack of knowledge in computer skills unlike companies that do whose only interest is to under deliver and over sell.